KjunKutie's Family Pics

I'll add these as soon I can locate them (and turn them into gifs!)

of you are interested in the nuts on my family tree since 10/97.

Reload often - I am always seeking perfection yet rarely ever finding it! Last update 08/29/98. ©1998 KjunKutie

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Louis Segar


Sharon Segar


Louis Segar


Jules Sr. (Pop) and Helen Reaud

(g-grandfather and grandmother)

Lucy Ashby Wilkinson, Helen Reaud and Sharon Segar

(g-grandmother, grandmother and aunt)

Helen Reaud


General James Wilkinson

Don Pedro Marin De Argote

Cleomare Suire

(great grandfather)

Marie Eulah Manceaux

(great grandmother)

Exile Suire


Mamie LeJeune


Mamie LeJeune Suire


Lovenia Andrepont and Mamie LeJeune

(great grandmother and grandmother)