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Welcome to the Suire Family Website

(especially those members of my family)

Date of inception 07-11-00.

When I started researching my family history, I had a hard time with the Suire Branch cause no one seemed to write anything down.  There were rumors of family Bibles, but I never saw any that actually had any family info in them.  I also wanted someplace where my family could come and read about how everyone else was doing and chat, etc.  This is what I've envisioned and what I hope to do, eventually.  Welcome again and enjoy what you find.  Please contact me (when I get e-mail set up) if you're a Suire and want to contribute something.   But keep in mind my interests come and go, and I don't always update in a timely manner, but I promise to try.

The Suire Family Website

Suire Family Website




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