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Native Genealogy Webring Homepage

This ring will be a circle of knowledge for all those seeking information about their Native American Genealogy heritage. If you have genealogical pages and are of Native American ancestry, you are welcome to join.

As of 11/08/97 we have 5 members (and even more queued up) of the webring since 11/01/97.

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of you are interested in my web pages since 10/97.

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Native American Webring Homepage.

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Qualifications of the Native Genealogy Webring

To qualify you have to have something about genealogy on your webpages and have Native American ancestors or have information that could be useful to those researching their Native American Heritage.  Your pages must also be free of violence, sexual content, and prejudice against anyone on the basis of sex, race, color, creed.

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Please fill out the form below in order to apply for the new Native Genealogy Webring.

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This is the code to place on your page for the Native Genealogy Webring.


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Then just pull up the graphics (DO NOT  REFERENCE IMAGES TO THIS PAGE) and save to your server.  Let me know when you've got everything uploaded and I'll add you to the ring.

This Native Genealogy Webring site is owned by

Want to join the Native Genealogy Ring?
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