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Genealogical Look-Ups

I know how hard it is to find information when you have no access to resource centers.  I am fortunate enough to live in Houston, Texas which has a large Genealogical Library, so I am proposing the following:

I will, for a small intitial donation of $20, look up information for you (if I don't already have it.)  I will then let you know how much and what kind of information is available.  If there is not too much information, I will only charge you $1.00 per copy.  If there is a considerable amount of information, then I will contact you with an hourly rate.  I am not a professional genealogist (although I've been doing this for about 4 years now) so I will not charge you exorbitant amounts, only to reimburse myself for time and materials (copies - not free, envelopes, stamps, etc.).

I also cannot guarantee that I will find anything of value, or anything that you don't already have. If you would like my help, please contact me via e-mail (which I'm assuming you have since you've accessed this page via computer) and let me know the following:

Person's name, date of birth, parents names, siblings names and ages, areas they lived in and time periods.  The names of grandparents and aunts/uncles are also extremely helpful.

Please limit this to people born in the USA, although the library does have record from other countries, it is few and far between and sometimes actually written in that language.  This will be on a first come/first serve basis.  (Meaning when I get the donation, I'll begin the search.)  

I do suggest that you exhaust all other avenues first.  Use not only your internet provider's search engine, but others as well.  And try to hit all of the large genealogical servers first, because you just might find someone who already has the information you need.  I have provided the links below to help you with your search.  Use these, give it some time, then if you still can't find anything, e-mail me and we'll work something out.  Good luck!

Search Engines

Genealogical Search Sites


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GenConnect Global Surname Search

Genealogists Index to the WWW

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