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KjunKutie's Creole Heritage Page

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So much misinformation has been given about the term "Creole", that being of Creole descent myself, I thought I'd set the record straight.  Settlers in the New Orleans area  started arriving directly from both France and Spain in the late 1600s and early 1700s.  Their descendants intermarried and were called "Creole".  When those descendants married other races, those races became known as Creole also.  But unless you are descended from those original French and Spanish settlers, you are not Creole.  Those who's ancestors came to Louisiana from Canada are either Canadian French or Acadian (if their ancestors were part of the Grande Derangement) French.  When these French and Spanish intermarried (or had children) with the "free people of color", black slaves and indians of the area, the term "Mulatto" was used and the racial fraction system was instituted (1/8 or 1/4 "Negro" blood, etc.).  Depending on the amount of "Negro" blood in your system, you were classified as white, mulatto, or negro - although anyone of African or Native ancestry who claims to have Creole blood in them cannot be truthfully called anything but multi-racial.  

Now, not many people realize this but there were a lot of "free people of color" in this area at the same time who owned property (including slaves) and land in the area surrounding New Orleans and most of these were not "pure" negro but a mixture of racial heritage bloodlines.

The original settlers of Louisiana were:

And some of the earliest recorded were: Francois Fortier, Gabrielle Moreau Fortier, Jean Baptiste Durel, jacques Roman, Antoine Patin, Gasparde De Monnet Patin, Francois Aime, Jean Baptiste Deslandes, Joseph Michel Verret, Marie Bailliff Verret, Claude Bailiff, Francoise Corius Bailliff, Jacques Cantrelle, Marie Marguerite Larmuriau Cantrelle, Jean Baptiste Larmuriau, Threeze Severin Larmariau, Alexandre Reaud, Pierre Francois Marie Olivier De Vezin, Helene Angelique Belet Bienvenu, Jean Baptiste Bienvenu, Jean De Bellet, Marguerite Cartier, Guillaume DuVerje De Marie, Francois Noel Dubuisson De La Mariniere, Anne Bertin, DuBuisson Francois Noel DuBuisson, Johan Zweig (LaBranche), Jean Zweig, Suzanne Marchand LaBranche, Jean Baptiste Marchand, Suzanne Maillet Marchand, Jean Francois Piseros, Jacques Hyacinth LeVasseur, Marie Francoise Bourdon LeVasseur, Francois Bourdon, Marianne Beaupre, Jacques Bernard Massicot, Jean Baptiste Grevemberg, Francois Chenal, Marguerite Colomb Chenal, Jonathan Darby, Jean Corbin Bachemin, Francoise Ruellan Pellerin, Dr. Bernard Alexandre Veil, Cezaire DeBlanc, Louis Jucherreau St. Denis, Pierre Henri D'Erneville, Francois De Fleuriau, Pelagie De Moriere De Fleuriau, Perrine LeMarie De Moriere, Daniel Raffleau, Louis Drouet, Manuel Toledno, Jean Nicolas Benoist, Jean Baptiste Montanary, Marguerite Toutant Montanary,